Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, Maybe just a little more than crafts....

I have so many projects that I thought I could would start blogging about it. Funny, but I also haven't put up a post on my other blog in at least 2 weeks. We've been just too busy. spending time with the kids to keep them out of Joe's hair so he can sleep for work at night. And we really do a lot. But if you want to hear more about it, then read my other blog.

I currently have a couple of projects going on. I am helping Mercedes make a jean purse, I'm crocheting a purse for Maggie, which I'll probably confiscate from her afterwards, and then I just wanted to try something different, so I will be starting a Knit-along (KAL) withe the nice ladies I found on Facebook, Stitch Therapy.

It's funny really, because I just finished a project for some friends of friends, and I still have to make another baby blanket for a friend of my husband's, so maybe I can kill 2 birds with one stone on this KAL. That would be awesome.

So Here I am, in all my glory, ready to whip it out, stitch by stitch.